Truly Madly Deeply

Love is in the air! Well, nearly. From traditional to OTT slushy, check out our Valentine's day cards over at Thortful
We have a traditional style card featuring an adorable illustration of Valentine's chocs. Buy it here
Valentine's card, traditional valentine's card, valentines illustration, happy valentines day
Here's a lockdown themed one, natch. Buy it here.
Lockdown valentine's day, valentine's card, lockdown with you
This one is fab for those of you who aren't good with the whole romance thing- the perfect amount of slush for Valentine's day! Buy it here.
OTT valentine's day card, slushy, cheesy, corny
Alright my loverrr?! Shout out to the West Country Massive back home! My personal faves can be purchased here.
gurt lush fella, valentine's day, west country slang, funny valentines
gurt lush missus, west county slang, west country valentine's day card
Lots of love, hugs and smooches,

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