Free Motivational Postcards & Shit To-do List

Well, what a week, amiright?! Blimey! I hope you are all happy and healthy and dealing with this sitch like a bad-ass. A sensible bad-ass that washes their hands lots and stays indoors where at all possible.

Incase you need a little pick me up I've designed four free motivational postcards for you to print at home for yourself or to post to friends, family or neighbours. 

The set of four designs include:

When nothing goes right, go left.

You've absofuckinglutely completely and utterly bally well got this*
*and if you haven't then there's always tomorrow- it's no biggie!

This too shall pass.

You are stronger than you know.

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They will print out as one A4 image for you to trim into four.

By all means share these with loved ones but any commercial use, either in part or whole, is prohibited.

Next up I've made a free Shit To-Do List to help with planning and organising our upside down days now. 

planner, desk planner, organiser, printable planner

It includes an Important Shit To Do, a Shit To Remember, a Bills/Finance Shit, Shit To Buy and Fun To-Do Shit sections.

As before this is for personal use only and any other use is prohibited.  

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If you know anyone that needs this in their life please send them on over here and if you share your freebies on Insta be sure to tag @violetandalfie.

You can download the postcards and planner free by clicking HERE.

For those who have asked about it- if anyone would like to leave a small voluntary tip/donation towards a coffee you can do so via Paypal HERE (Thank You!) but you are under no obligation to do so. These are no-catch, no-guilt FREE. And I drink too much coffee!

Happy organising and stay safe and healthy!

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