Free 'Wash Your Hands' Signs

Free 'Wash Your Hands' Signs

  I thought that these might come in handy for some of you- download and print these playful Wash Your Hands signs for your work area, waiting rooms, classrooms, porches, bathrooms, staff rooms- wherever they are needed as a gentle reminder for your children, staff members, clients and pupils. 

  There are four different designs and all are sized at a rather large A2 size (and can be scaled down to A3, A4, A5 or A6). 

 Nice and neutral grey:

 Fun and colourful:

Minimalist monochrome:

Bold, bright and tropical:

  You can access and download any (or all) of the signs here or click on the image to take you direct to that design.

 Please note that by downloading these files you agree to not edit the designs, claim the designs as your own, sell or distribute the files or prints. You can, however, share this website or blog for others to visit. These designs are copyright of Violet and Alfie.

 Leave us a comment or tag us on Insta, and if you know anyone that could use these then please do send them our way.

  Stay healthy & spread kindness not coronavirus 🖤

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